Safety and comfort are what every passenger expects when taking a plane. To fulfill this expectation, airlines, airport personnel, and government need aviation security personnel. This training program is designed to deliver the knowledge of aviation security and the ability to develop and employ the regulations in accordance with the approved guidelines.

Training Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Have the knowledge and understanding of national and international regulation
  • Enforce national aviation security program
  • Operate explosives and narcotics trace detector
  • Operate x-ray equipment 

Training Curriculum

1. National aviation security program in accordance with Article 17

2. Ground, land side and air security

3. Threat event training after data collection and management

4 . Anticipating bomb threat over airport and airline

5. Collecting passenger baggage

6. Restricted passenger list

7. Cabin security: hijack, explosives and other restricted items

8. Security survey

9. Narcotics

Training Participant

Aviation security personnel, airport police, firefighters and airport staff



1. Min high school (SMA) graduate

2. Not color blind

Payment Method 

1. First payment is 50% before class started

2. Full payment before On the Job Training (OJT)


27 Days

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Jl. HM Yamin No. 324, Medan