Security and safety are our priority! So has our company taken the action to prevent this? Are we aware of the legal prerequisites, operational prohibitions, packing instructions , marking, labelling and required documents in handling Dangerous Goods? This training provides participants with expertise in handling the delivery of dangerous goods in accordance with IATA guidelines. Moreover, they also  obtain competencies and proficiency certificates issued by the Director General of Civil Aviation.

Training Objectives

At the end of the program, participants are expected to:

  • Have the knowledge about the type of dangerous goods
  • Able to handle dangerous goods properly
  • Able to explain national and international dangerous goods regulations

Training Curriculum

1. General Philosophy

2. Operator and shipper responsibility

3. Limitations

4. Classification and Identification of Dangerous Goods

5. Marking and Labeling

6. Permitted and not permitted Dangerous Goods

7. Procedure of goods storage, inspection andhazard situation


High school graduate, cargo agent, airport police, firefighters and airport staff



1. Min. high school graduate

2. Not color blind

Payment Method 

1. First payment is 50% before class started

2. Full payment before class finished


5 Days

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